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EU lijst van aPlanet van ICT hulpmiddelen in onderwijs

21 juni 2013 door Ton Ammerlaan

aPlanet is an EU project that lists useful tools for classrooms: an overview and resource guide is listed on http://aplanet-project.eu/index.php.

The aPLanet project has collected and described some of the most important free tools that language educators can use. All of these tools are typical of the type of technology resources being shared by educators on the social networks. The project has described 25 tools, the descriptions include some ideas of how they can be used in the classroom. The tools are seperated into 10 different tool categories. You can download the individual tool descriptions from the links below. You can also download a description for each category of tools or/and view an introductory video. We have also included direct links to the website of each tool. If you prefer you can download the whole list below as a word file or PDF
I. Communication And Web-conferencing Tools Introductory Video
About Communication And Web-conferencing Tools  

1. Skype www.skype.com
2. WiZiq www.wiziq.com
3. Vyew www.vyew.com
4. Acrobat Connect www.adobe.com/products/adobeconnect.html
II. Voice Discussion Tools Introductory Video
About Voice Discussion Tools   

5. Voicethread http://voicethread.com
6. Voxopop www.voxopop.com
I V. Blogging Introductory Video
About Blogging   

7. Blogger www.blogger.com
8. EduBlogs http://edublogs.org
9. WordPress www.wordpress.com I
I V. Collaboration Tools – Wikis Introductory Video
About Collaboration Tools – Wikis   

10. Google Docs (Drive) www.google.com
11. Wikispaces www.wikispaces.com
12. PBworks http://pbworks
13. Typewithme http://typewith.me
V. Digital Storytelling Introductory Video
About Digital Storytelling   

14. Our story www.ourstory.com
15. Glogster www.glogster.com
VI. Presentations Introductory Video
About Presentations   

16. Slideshare www.slideshare.net
17. Prezi http://prezi.com
VII. Writing Skills Training Introductory Video
About Writing Skills Training   

18. Make Beliefs Comix www.makebeliefscomix.com
19. Toondoo www.toondoo.com 
VIII. Audio Resources Introductory Video
About Audio Resources   

20. Posterous www.posterous.com
21. Audioboo http://audioboo.fm
IX. Word Clouds Introductory Video
About Word Clouds

22. Wordle www.wordle.net
23. Worditout http://worditout.com
X. Social Bookmarking Tools Introductory Video
About Social Bookmarking Tools

24. Diigo www.diigo.com
25. Delicious www.delicious.com

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