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First two months in the USA

13 juni 2018 door Brecht Wester

Brecht Wester, derdejaarsstudente lerarenopleiding Engels


It has been a while since I wrote something, so I thought it was time write another blog post. Let me start where I left off.

After New York I went with Ilana to Providence, Rhode island to stay there with her host family. I had a great two weeks there. We went to Boston to walk the freedom trail, had a tour in the state house of providence, had my first cheesecake at the cheesecake factory, which was delicious. We had a snowstorm, which was a lot of fun! I think that were the highlights of Providence. There are probably more but since it’s been a while I can’t remember.

After Providence the Weinberger’s brought me to the university. Where I spent the first weekend with some other students from the HAN (Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen). The university was like a ghost town, all the other students were still on Christmas break so there weren’t many students on campus. Nonetheless, we had fun discovering West-Hartford. On Monday I had an appointment with my advisor to discuss which classes I would want to follow. On Tuesday my first classes started. I was very excited to see how my classes were. But after my first classes I had this feeling that I was in the wrong classes. I was in all sorts of education classes but I wanted to follow English classes such as literature and writing to improve my English. So I immediately e-mailed my advisor to change classes. We made another appointment and she showed me what English classes there were and that was it. I thought she would be more helpful in figuring out which ones I could take and which ones were interesting for me but unfortunately she wasn’t. But I figured it out myself. So I e-mailed different professors to get some information and chose the ones I liked. I am currently following four classes: Native American Literature, Young Adult fiction, Poetry and Effective Writing and I am perfectly happy with them. The professors are all really nice and helpful. The homework is a lot but it is doable.
Luckily, there is enough time to do other things besides homework. For instance showing your family around in Hartford, Boston and New York. At the end of January my sister, brother and father came to visit me. We spent most of the week together. We walked around in Hartford and went to different bars and restaurants. We took a bus to Boston and I showed them the freedom trail. After 4 days in Hartford they went to New York by bus. Unfortunately I couldn’t go with them because I had classes but I met with them on their last they day there. We had breakfast together and walked around in New York for a little while. They left around 1 pm to go to the airport. I stayed in New York with Emelie. We took a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We walked around in Madame Tussauds and we did some shopping.

In the weekends I mostly stay on campus. On Friday’s we mostly go to a restaurant because the food in the cafeteria is awful. The food has no flavour and they don’t change the menu very often. So I want to eat some good food at least once a week and the benefit of going out on Friday’s is that it is happy hour at most restaurants. And you really want to go to happy hour because alcohol is expensive here.

That is what I have been up to for the last 2 months. School is really busy right now with all these papers I have to hand in but luckily it is almost spring break! During spring break I will be lying on a beach in Miami. You can imagine that I am really looking forward to that.