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Münster gets a taste of the Dutch culture!

27 mei 2017 door

Written by Helena Dierkes, student from Münster. 

Wednesday, 10th of May
We started at 9am. 17 students (mostly female, just two guys joined us) and three professors on the way to Nijmegen. From Münster it takes nearly 3 hours with the bus. The weather was fine and everybody was excited about what we should expect. Little did we know our expectations were about to be exceeded.

As we arrived at noon we were welcomed with a typical Dutch lunch. So the German and the Dutch students had the first opportunity to talk and get known each other.

After the reception, we heard a little lecture from Gesa about the Dutch culture. We made some posters with a mind map about stereotypes. For example, almost every German student thinks Dutchmen just eat ‘hagelslag’ and ‘pindakaas’  =D

After that, we drove to the big local supermarket to experience what typical Dutch foods are and what we didn`t know or even find confusing.

After that, we met again in the ‘creative kitchen’. Together with the Dutch students we cooked burgers and pommes duchesse. It was a lot of fun and really delicious! Everybody was talking with each other and we got to know a lot about the Dutch culture and studies.

The most impressive thing, besides the people of course, was the modern architecture of the HAN. Compared to our university in Münster it is just really modern and so nice. We were very impressed!

After this long day we went to our accommodation. Very tired, full with food and impressions we went to bed, very excited about what should happen the next day!

Thursday, 11th of May
We started this day with a lecture by Jelle about the differences between German and Dutch supermarkets. It was very interesting to learn something about their concepts. After that we drove to the brewery ‘De Hemel’ in Nijmegen. We had a guided tour and the opportunity to taste the different beers. It was really interesting, because Germany is kind of known as the land of good beer. The Dutch beer we tasted, are very different from the typical German ones.

In the afternoon, we presented our mind maps and what we had learned about the Dutch culture, especially everything about food and eating habits.

Then something special was planned: cheese tasting with the most successful female cheese-expert from the Netherlands. We learned to identify the sort of cheese just by it smell or consistency. We tasted different sorts of cheese and tried to identify – sometimes not really successful! But everybody had a lot of fun and it was very interesting, at least because we are all cheese lovers J

In the evening we had a bit time to explore the city on our own before we met again with all the docents and the Dutch students for dinner in a restaurant called ‘De Waagh’ in the city. We had a fantastic dinner, many drinks and great conversations.

After that they invited us to a little party in ‘Bascafé’. They organized some snacks and party games and everybody had a great time! Some even stayed till sunrise…

Friday, 12th of May
After a late breakfast we left our accommodation and joined a masterclass, where we heard a presentation from „ELX protein water“. By the way, how impressive is the lecture hall? Our uni has to step up the game to keep up with that!

Finally, we had lunch with all the guys and we were really sad about saying goodbye to our new friends.

We had such a great time. Everybody was so nice and friendly, the professors as well as the students. The whole program was very well organized. Thanks to everyone who was involved, we really appreciate it.

Summed up we learned a lot about the Dutch (food-)culture, the way of living and the habits of studying in the Netherlands.

We really hope to join again or to see you in Münster! Doei =)


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