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The original research focused on how E Peer Feedback can help to improve Reflective Skills of students in higher professional education, within the Virtual Action Learning (VAL) Concept. We found that this would be a too-wide focus for a PhD. In stead we moved the focus of the research to the quality of online peer feedback within the VAL Concept. This research will try to find answers on questions like: How can the quality of online peerfeedback be assessed and is the assessmentmodel useful for teachers and students? A mixed method approach will be used to answer these and other questions.

The research group: Prof. dr. P.R.J. Simons (UU), Prof. dr. R. Martens (OU, LOOK), Dr. M. Kral (HAN) and Drs. E. van Popta (HAN)
Starting date: 1/9/2010